Team Relay

Friday, 2nd of September 2016

The 2016 Gran Fondo World Championships Perth will also run a team relay event on Friday, 2 September.  This is not an official world championship, but an opportunity to test your legs and take part in an exciting discipline with your teammates.

The course is in the city centre of Perth along the Swan River (only a short distance from Elizabeth Quay). Each rider will complete two laps of a 2.65km circuit before making the relay to the next rider of the team. A map will be available shortly.

A maximum of 25 teams and six teams per country can compete. Should a country have more than 6 teams, a random draw will take place to determine representing teams.

Racing will begin at 11am on Friday. An award ceremony will be held with medals for the first three teams, but no official jersey.

Regulations for the team relay:

  • Teams of 4 riders
  • 2 laps per rider on a 2.65km course, 8 laps (21km) in total
  • Relay by entering the relay zone
  • All riders have to be of the same nationality wearing the same national jersey
  • A maximum of 6 teams per country are allowed, maximum 25 teams in total
  • All riders have to be qualified officially in one of the qualifier events or via wildcard
  • At least one female and one male rider per team
  • Teams are formed by riders from the following age categories
    - One female rider any age
    - One rider any age
    - One rider age 40+
    - One rider age 50+
  • The starting order of the different riders of each team is the team’s responsibility and can be used for tactics
  • All riders have to attend a safety briefing at the start/finish line one hour before the event
  • It’s the rider’s responsibility to count laps. Riders leaving the relay area too early will be disqualified

Riders can enter as a complete team, or as an individual rider wishing to join a team.

Entry process:

To submit a team or a individual entry, please email the following information to

For teams :

  • Nationality
  • Full Name of each rider
  • Date of birth of each rider
  • Email of the team organiser/leader

For riders who want to form a team with others:

  • Nationality
  • Full Name
  • Date of birth
  • Email

NOTE: Best endeavours will be made to find individuals a team, but it is not gauranteed.

Australian teams must submit their teams before August 20. 
Other teams or riders must submit entries before August 26.

Cost: $75 per rider

Race Breifing: 10 am, Langley Park Competitors area.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Wishing you all the best for your final preparations.