Gran Fondo World Championship

Sunday, 4th of September 2016

Course Facts:

105.8km for women and men over 55
154.5km for men under 55
Start: Elizabeth Quay, Perth
Finish: Kalamunda
Climbs: 6 for the 105.8km course, 10 for the 154.5km course

Start Times:

WAVE 1                 7.00 am                 19-34 (men)
WAVE 2                 7.07 am                 35-39 (men)
WAVE 3                 7.14 am                 40-44 (men)
WAVE 4                 7.21 am                 45-49 (men)
WAVE 5                 7.28 am                 50-54 (men)
WAVE 6                 7.35 am                 19-49 (women)
WAVE 7                 7.42 am                 55-59 (men)
WAVE 8                 7.49 am                 60-65 (men)
WAVE 9                 7.56 am                 65 plus (men)  
WAVE 10               8.03 am                 50 plus (women)

** Start lists are not available until registration closes on 26th August.


Climbing Totals

Males aged 19-54: 2,010m
Females all ages and males aged over 55: 1,250m
*Note: One complete loop of the Kalamunda Circuit is equal to 1,250m of climbing. A lap from Kalamunda to Kalamunda is equal to 760m of climbing.

Course overview:

The start line for all Gran Fondo World Championship age groups will be at Elizabeth Quay, Perth – the location of the event’s major expo which runs across the weekend.

Riders will travel North on Mitchell Freeway before turning right onto Reid Highway, which changes to Roe Highway, through the City of Swan.

Taking the Clayton Street entry ramp to exit the Highway, the race will make its way toward Zig Zag Scenic Route via Military, Helena Valley and Midland Roads before continuing its path toward Kalamunda.

Up until this point, the roads remain reasonably flat but in the approach to Kalamunda, the challenge begins to intensify as the first of the climbs present itself after almost 50km of racing.

Riders ascend to the Zig Zag Cultural Centre in the centre of Kalamunda where they will pass through the finish banner for the first time. But the job is not done.

At this point, male divisions between 19 and 54 will receive two laps to go whilst females and men over the age of 55 will get the bell for one lap to go.

The Kalamunda lap turns left into Mundaring Weir Road and proceeds to Mundaring. 

Negotiating through a roundabout, the course continues on Phillips Road before taking a left onto Hardey Road and then a sharp right into Glen Forrest Road.

A very fast downhill section follows, via Jellicoe, Barham and Mills Road. 

The descent continues via Victor and Clayton Roads towards a left hand turn into Scott Street.   

Taking a left hand turn into Helena Valley Road and right at a roundabout onto Ridgehill Road riders then return onto the Zig Zag Scenic Route and towards the Kalamunda finish.

Then, 19-54 male will receive the bell with one lap to go whilst women and men over the age of 55 will battle it out in an uphill finish for the coveted rainbow jersey.

After a second lap of Kalamunda, the 19-54 male age group will race for the line after two previous passings to determine their final strategy.


View the course map and profile here.

SRAM Neutral Support: 

SRAM is very proud to be a part of the 2016 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships to be held in Perth Australia this year providing neutral support and service through our SRAM Neutral Race Support team. We will be providing neutral race support for all events and age groups with the top of the range Zipp 404 Carbon Firecrest Wheels.

SRAM create and manufacture components that inspire cyclists and hope that their involvement with the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships can help social riders and age group athletes achieve their goals and add value for our customers. We look forward to playing an important role in bringing a successful event to Perth this year.