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The women's road race categories are as follows. Please note that some of these categories will start together, but still compete ONLY against those in their age group for the world championship.

19-34 }
35-39 }
40-44 }
45-49 }    These 4 groups will race for separate championship medals, but start as one bunch.

50-54 } 
55-59 }
60-64 }
65 +   }   These 4 groups will race for separate championship medals, but start as one bunch..



The time trial event at the 2016 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships will take place on Thursday, 1 September on Rottnest Island.

All competitors are asked to fill out a survey to assist the organising committee in efficiently managing the logistics of competitors and support crews.

Time trial competitors are each granted a free of charge return ferry ticket. Supporters and Gran Fondo competitors can utilise a 2-for-1 discount on ferry tickets. All tickets need to be nominated through this survey and will be distributed via email.

A free bike transfer service is also offered to time trial competitors.  Bike bags on this service will be transferred in trucks on a separate barge.



The Sports Medicine Team from Perth Integrated Health are available for clinical care leading up to and immediately after the Event

The clinical team have a wide range of applications that participants local, interstate and internationally can tap into and this is includes some of the following:

  1. Bike Ergonomics Assessment for participants wishing to set up their bike to the best possible biomechanical geometry for the event;
  2. Neuromuscular Care by Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists
  3. Dry Needling
  4. Dynamic Taping
  5. Foam Rolling Treatment and Methods
  6. Sports Massage Therapy

Information for the Sports Medicine support for the 2016 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships can be found here

Direct on-line bookings can be found here.

Specific clinical enquiries to Ian Wee – Sports Medicine Director via:

Rider Guide

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